EdSurge: Startup ‘Whisperer’ Steve Blank Interviews Edtech Entrepreneurs

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Startup ‘whisperer’ Steve Blank recognizes Kinvolved’s founders for their entrepreneurship launching a company that helps combat absenteeism and boosts family engagement in schools.

Altman points out that entrepreneurship does not involve keeping an idea “within your own head but talking to people in a variety of different areas.”

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NY Tech Meetup: Alumni Highlight—An Interview With the Founders of Kinvolved

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NY Tech Meetup

Miriam Altman and Alex Meis, Kinvolved’s co-founders, speak with the NY Tech Meetup about their experience and their company. Kinvolved is closing the communication gap to improve graduation rates, boost the economy, and help the U.S. achieve top ranking among its peer nations.

Kinvolved’s mobile and web apps offer educators, administrators, and youth program leaders an efficient, instant communication tool so they can communicate with all stakeholders in a student’s life with just a swipe.

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Crain’s: Keeping Kids in School

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Crain’s New York featured Kinvolved as one of ten socially responsible startups in New York, detailing how and why Miriam and Alexandra co-founded Kinvolved to improve parent engagement and help help combat absenteeism.

In her time as a New York City public school teacher, Miriam Altman picked up on a worrying trend: Parents often didn’t know whether their child showed up in class or not, and schools that were attempting to communicate with parents weren’t tracking who was contacted and who wasn’t.

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Teach For America: Meet The Game-Changers—2015 Social Innovation Award Winners Announced

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Social Innovation Award

Kinvolved’s founders Miriam Altman and Alex Meis​ were awarded seed money from Teach For America’s 2015 Social Innovation Award.

Knowing absenteeism is the first indicator of underlying problems, Kinvolved links students and families to the support and interventions they need to get into school every day. “We want to see an education system that values parents as equal partners and which leverages the shared accountability of community partners to help students achieve their full potential,” the pair says.

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