Chronic absenteeism is a solvable problem

Our approach is research-based, holistic — and it works.

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Kinvolved Impact Reports explore how our tools and services—community summits, Professional Services, and attendance management software—affect chronic absenteeism, family engagement, and mindset shifts.


Attendance rates jump.

—Kinvolved partner high schools improve attendance 13 times better than their peers.
—Three out of four teachers say that attendance improves in their classrooms.

Chronic absence rates drop.

—Schools that regularly use KiNVO experience a -3% change in chronic absence rates.
—Even among schools that serve an above-average percentage of higher-need students,
—Kinvolved schools see significantly better results over their schools with similar populations.

Parent relationships strengthen.

—86% of educators say KiNVO makes parents easier to reach.
—63% of educators use the automatic two-way translation feature to connect with parents who speak languages other than English.
—83% of educators communicated with parents more frequently, and more efficiently.
—90% of educators formed tighter bonds with parents.
—94% of educators found it easier to inform parents of attendance patterns.
Kinvolved impact report

Since 2013, Kinvolved has equipped educators, parents, and students with the data to highlight attendance patterns and the resources to motivate change.

Educators and families exchanged 4.1 million messages through KiNVO.

KiNVO reached 130,000 students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Kinvolved partner high schools improved attendance 13 times better than their peers.

Improving attendance alone, without making any other changes to the American education system, will drive up achievement, high school graduation, and college attainment rates.

The Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University